What is a good way to loose 15lbs?

Answer OK heres the misconception:if you eat less youl weigh less. Well this isn't going to work mostly because it causes your metabolism to crash. Also if you go on a fad diet you arnt getting what your ... Read More »

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What's a good way for a teen to loose weight?

Same here, just watch what you eat. (don't count calories or carbs just choose healthy stuff.) Also don't eat at night. (I love mid-night snakes but I've stopped and lost some pounds.) And exercise... Read More »

What's a good way to loose 2 pounds in a week?

Yep but make sure you eat from all the food groups and have five or six smaller meals instead of the three large meals. Also if you burn around 3500 + calories a week you will burn 2-4 pounds per w... Read More »

What are some good exercises for teens to loose body fat ?

Biking daily, and crunches (i bike daily for hours and i can eat whatever i want and stay thin)

Please some one advice good way to loose wait for my daughter who is 13?

It's a good should really try something good to be healthy for long time..try this...100% positive resultsEarly morning in freash air walk 3-4 miles, cycling, jumping rope, streching exc... Read More »