What is a good way to learn c++ or other programming languishes?

Answer…it;s from the creator of can start from here . if you are using windows , download dev C++ and practice the examples in the book. best of luck.

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What's a Good first Programming Language to learn?

BASIC is a pretty good language to cut your teeth on.

Good first programming language to learn?

Matthew, Matthew, Matthew...the essentials of programming logic do not change from language to language. If you dislike it SO much then you better bow out now. Trust me, you don't want to turn arou... Read More »

I am new to programming. can you suggest me a book that will help me learn the very basics of programming?

you haven't mentioned which language are you learning.But still programming is more logic than the language itself.So in order to develop these skills you can start with c or C++ and you get the b... Read More »

How to Learn CNC Programming?

Computer numerical control, or CNC, machines use a coordinate system and particular commands know as G and M codes to perform certain cutting functions. In order to program a CNC machine successful... Read More »