What can I use to help ease my depression?

Answer meditation and talking to friends. also outdoor activities

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What can I do for immediate help from depression?

Every year, nearly 18.8 million American adults battle with depression, reports the National Institute of Mental Health. Sufferers find that depression has affected their daily lives and routines. ... Read More »

What can help to ease mild depression?

I'm in the similar situation, last week i bought a bottle of "St. John's Wort" pills that are harmless and are herbal and the best part there so cheap, after a few weeks on these they claim to brin... Read More »

What are good jobs for people with anxiety and depression.?

clothing repairs, cooking, ironing, silver polishing, trading on an internet auction site, proof reading for foreign language web sites and publishers of trade / product catalogues, dog or cat sitt... Read More »

What are some ways to help someone fighting depression, without making things worse?

as a bi polar person i know a thing or too about depression. the only thing that kept me exercising was for someone to do it with me and make me get up off my hiney. Make them go out because they ... Read More »