What are the top ten funny ways to get revenge on someone?

Answer Answer At work: 1. Hang a Klan outfit in full view of everyone that walks by his office. 2. Saturate his desk chair with spray adhesive, it stays very sticky long term. 3. Slightly loosen his bl... Read More »

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How to Not Get Revenge on Someone You Hate?

A person you think is misanthropic might have been ruining your peaceful life. Often, you may have the thought of taking vengeance on them so that you will be justified. This article will tell you ... Read More »

How to Get Revenge by Being Better Than Someone?

Whether it be against an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, a friend or an enemy, revenge always tastes sweet...but for how long? Improving yourself is a great method to get revenge because there is no guilt... Read More »

How to Protect Yourself from Someone Who Wants Revenge?

Okay, you've made somebody mad at some point. We all have. Some people let it roll off their shoulders, others vow revenge until their dying breath. This how-to will help you protect yourself from ... Read More »

Is revenge good or bad?

bad bad bad (if your sibling is younger) ....... if they are older though, then they shouldn't be doing anything to you in the first place so tell your parents If you seek revenge your sibling wil... Read More »