How to See if Your Friends Are Talking About You or Your Other Friend, Behind Your Back?

Answer We have all been there. Mostly girls seem to find it some what strange but entertaining to talk about each other behind their backs. This will show you how to see if your "friends" are talking abou... Read More »

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How to Choose a Good Outfit for Going Shopping With Your Mom or Friends?

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How do you keep a one of your parent's friend's kid from messing with you?

Take the baby to the doctor.Antibiotics if necessary.If it is Croupe..The cough sounds like a seal bark or wheezing.moist air helpsRegardless, If your child is sick and coughing doesnt stop..Get ba... Read More »

Where is a good/ fun/ trendy place to celebrate your birthday with friends in LA?

I have the perfect place for you and you friends to hang out this place is pretty new I just went there no to long ago and I was like WOW! It's called Royale... This place has 2 lounges with DJ spi... Read More »