What is a good way to cook steak with a broiler?

Answer Turn your broiler on low.Put the steak directly on the oven rack for 2 minutes. Turn steak over and after 2 minutes move the rack up to the top shelf and turn the broiler on high. Cook for 2 minu... Read More »

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How to Cook Lobster Under the Broiler?

Whether they're called Maine lobsters, Atlantic lobsters, Northern lobsters or American lobsters, bringing home a couple of live ones can turn dinner into an occasion. American lobster is prized ... Read More »

How long do I cook chicken in a broiler?

Cooking boneless chicken breasts in the broiler will take a total of eight minutes, allowing four minutes per side. If the chicken breast is thick, or if it has a bone in it like a drumstick does, ... Read More »

How to Cook a Frozen London Broil in a Broiler?

If you have a package of meat in your freezer labeled London broil and a hungry family, don't wait for it to defrost. It will take longer to broil a frozen piece of meat than a defrosted piece. ... Read More »

Are Pine Shavings a Good Bedding for Broiler Chickens?

Because chickens cannot be housebroken, some type of bedding material must cover the floor of the coop to absorb droppings. Bedding is also used in the nesting boxes. Chickens come in direct contac... Read More »