What is a good way to cook Ocean Perch?

Answer THe first thing with fish is to remember it must be eaten immediately after cooking as this is when it is at its best. Fish shallow cooked in hot oil will take between three and four minutes max ea... Read More »

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How to Cook Lake Perch?

Lake perch is a freshwater game fish with firm flesh and a delicate, mild flavor. This recipe for sauteed lake perch comes via the Food Network from Arthur Calloway, head chef at The Caucus Club in... Read More »

What does the word perch mean?

It is a ledge or other platform or object that is used to sit on. The word is typically used in conjunction with birds. Such as--> The birds were perched on the roof.

What is a good way to cook pork tenderloin?

Dry rub it and grill it over indirect heat! Best way for me to cook it. Use a meat thermometer and when the internal temperature hits 145 DEGREES F., take it off the heat and cover loosely with foi... Read More »

What is a good way to cook yellow beans?

You can just clean and boil in salted water, drain and add a little butter or olive oil. My husband doesn't like yellow beans so I mix them with green beans and cook them the same way.