Is this a good prom look?

Answer I think that will look great! Very cute and lively.

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How to Look Good at a Prom?

The prom is your special day, and of course you want to look your best. But how? This is a special occasion where the same look will have to work for pre-prom pictures, a special dinner, and a few ... Read More »

What would look good for this prom dress?

I think heels or flats would look good. It depends on your own style. I think maybe a necklace with a small gem and a small bracelet etc. nothing huge and over the top, just small little pops. I th... Read More »

Good liquor for prom?

you really should avoid alcohol at prom, teachers are on full alert for students drinking. if you must, but i advise you not, skyy vodka would be the best choice as it doesn't smell as much as the ... Read More »

Would a sweater look good with this prom dress?

i think this would go great with that dress if you got the bolero in maybe?!!!!!… i hope you like it! =]