How to Ask Someone to Prom?

Answer So you've chosen the person you'd like to take to Prom, but how do you find out if they want to share it with you? Here are some ways to ask.

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How to Recreate a Prom for Someone Who Missed Theirs?

Prom night can be a wonderful experience for high school seniors. But we all know someone who missed their prom and now has some regret. Wouldn't it be wonderful to re-create a prom experience for ... Read More »

What would look good for this prom dress?

I think heels or flats would look good. It depends on your own style. I think maybe a necklace with a small gem and a small bracelet etc. nothing huge and over the top, just small little pops. I th... Read More »

How to Tell Someone You Won't Go to Prom with Them?

Prom can either be one of the highlights of your high school career, or it can be one of the worst times of your life! Here is a guide for telling someone that you don't want to go to prom with them.

What does the prom king do at senior prom?

At a high school senior prom, the prom king is expected to give an acceptance speech and to dance with the prom queen. In the speech, it is important to thank peers for voting and teachers for thei... Read More »