What would you think would be a good song to dance to for the first dance at a wedding?

Answer a song that is personal and appropriate to the bride & groom

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What dance mat will work with Dance Dance Revolution 2 for the Wii?

The only dance mat that can be used with "Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 2" for the Nintendo Wii is the mat that the game comes with. It is not compatible with the mats from "Dance Dance Rev... Read More »

What is a good dance club in Los Angeles for teens...?

Peppermint StickThe Cinnamon CinderPandora's Box

How to Get That Special Someone to Go with You to the Dance?

So there you sit, the day before the dance, wishing for that special someone to ask you to go with him/her. But then, you realize that you need to take initiative. Here are few methods on how.

Does anyone know of any good dance clubs in Chicago Nothing fancy or to scuzzy. Just nice with good music.?

If you want loud, cheesy, touristy and expensive head over to the clubs on Division near Rush Street. Great music, but everything else sucks.I like going to Alive One and the Union on Halsted near... Read More »