What do you call someone who is good at gardening?

Answer Colloquially, people who are good at gardening are referred to as having a "green thumb".

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What maxi scooters are good for someone 5'5?

What is a good weight for someone 164cm?

it is in between 58-64 kg is a good weight of 164cm height of a person.

What is a good job for someone who is knowledgable about guns?

Gunsmith in the civilian sector.In the military, armorer, armorer's assistant, gunner, gun maintenance, sniper, scout, SEAL, Army Special Forces, Marine Force Recon.

Help!!!!!What is a good age to get someone a cell phone?

I am 17 and i received my first phone at 13. The only reason i got one though was because i had baseball everyday after school and i needed to be able to talk to my parents to tell them what was g... Read More »