Good ways for a 13 year old to make money?

Answer If you have any neighbors who are older or work a lot you can offer to mow lawn, shovel snow, garden for them. There really aren't many opportunities for young teenagers

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Does anybody have a good tip for teaching money value for 2-3 year old?

I started giving my son chores at 3. He did things like put his toys in the toy box, put his laundry in the basket, and put his dishes in the sink (with a boost up), I paid him $0.25 for every chor... Read More »

What are the best jobs online for 13 year old that get good money?

well i'm not sure about online jobs but i'm sure you shouldn't get a Nintendo 3DS and i'm sure you should get an xbox 360(really good controller) or a ps3 (free online play)the nintendo 3ds is badb... Read More »

Is camp beaumont good for a (slightly) shy 16 year old Is it worth the money?

Our 12 yr old daughter has been away on residentials before without difficulty, but she absolutely hated this and pleaded not to be sent on one again. Food poor, no choice of activities, phone and ... Read More »

I am a 12-year-old girl. I want to buy an iPod but I dont have enough money. Please give me some good ideas.?

Well why don't you see if you can get a paper round or something like that. You should try going to the nearest shop to your home and see if they have any vacancies.I think you are probably too you... Read More »