What is a good walking shoe?

Answer On One Hand: Standard CharacteristicsA good walking shoe is low, comfortable and fits properly. It has a rounded supportive heel with a flexible sole. It should be lightweight and made of fiber tha... Read More »

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Is the Nike Dayfly a walking shoe or a running shoe?

The Nike Dayfly is not a specialized shoe. It is an exercise shoe, but it is not specific to running or or walking. The Dayfly is simply a women's sneaker, designed to be versatile for any exercise... Read More »

What is the best selling women's walking shoe?

On One Hand: You need special walking shoesEveryday walkers, whether on a trail or off, have the option of purchasing special walking shoes. These shoes support the feet and ankles, cushion the fe... Read More »

What brand/type of walking shoe would you recommend for a job where you walk daily for hours...?

Reebok industrial walking shoe. Most comfortable, durable shoe around in that price range. Comes in standard all-black that most employers want, too.Second choices, New Balance or maybe Rockport.SA... Read More »

Walking is good for health - Which time is best walking?

If stray dogs are there in your area better avoid 5.00 a.m. to 6.00 you may run instead of walk once they start chasing.Similarly by mistaken identity somebody may bash or even murder.Walkin... Read More »