How to Take a Shot of Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Gin, or Any Liquor?

Answer Taking a shot involves choosing the right people, the right drink and the right toast. Done correctly, taking a shot with a friend or group of friends can be a unique bonding experience.

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Is sky vodka good !!!?

Skyy is not bad for mixing, it mixes well with nearly anything. But, if you are looking for something to drink straight, it may not be the thing for you.

I need a good idea: Vodka with what?

cointreau, peach schnapps, lemonade, orange juice and ice... then cranberry juice dribbled down the inside of the glass.The Gazpacho Sunset.

What is a good drink to mix with vodka?

Fresh smooth orange juice. Seems to be anything thats going at our house, I think Lilt and vodka genrally goes down quite well.

What is good top shelf vodka?

Their are so many out there.Rain VodkaCrystal Skull VodkaBelvedere StoliThose are some that come to mind. Other things to be aware of are the kind of Vodka. Some Vodka is made from Potato's, some ... Read More »