What is a good video camera/ camcorder for an amateur director?

Answer The PXQRS, but only get the 2nd edition.

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Is HDR-PJ650v camcorder good for amateur film making?

Take the $$ you would have spent on this unit & buy a camcorder without a built in projector. The projector feature is a complete waste of $$ if your aim is to buy as good a camcorder as you can af... Read More »

What is a good camera for making amateur movies, and has an external microphone jack?

A Year ago I would recommend a miniDV.Today I am undecided. believe You should choose a HD camcorder with a hard disk if You work with a PC.Many regular camcorders have a mini stereo mic jack and a... Read More »

A good camera for amateur filming?

iPhone 5 good camera and all purpose smart phone

What's a good camera for an amateur film-maker?

To shoot film, you need a 16 mm or 35 mm motion picture cameraWhat I think you want to do is shoot video using some kind of video cameraWhat you don't seem to know is that getting a camera is only ... Read More »