This is a stupid question anyone famous in here tell the truth...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer Why would a famous person reveal themselves in here??I'd think this is one of the few places we can be anonymous and free of annoying fans. Sometimes it's nice to be normal.

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Has anyone found a good pattern for Kahlan's confessor robe from The Sword of Truth series on TV?

There are two men one says truth other false in a room and there are two doors in that room one is for life and another is for death ask one question and find the life door?

Your vacation pay income tax rate will be the same as the income tax rate on all of your other gross wages income from the same employer.

If truth is beauty, and beauty is truth, why do women wear make-up?

Your question relies on the initial clause being correct. It isn't. They're apples and oranges.Adequate attempt at being clever. Don't give up and you'll figure it out someday. Good day sir.

I'm about to finish Stargate SG-1 and i found out that there are 2 movies left to watch The Ark of Truth and Continuum When would be a good time to watch them before i finish or after?

The first one is sort of 'status quo', in other words could happened at almost any time through the series. The second one is some sort of final for the entire serie. They close some plots in it, ... Read More »