What is a good title for an activity distinguishing between big and small items?

Answer Big and Small items all around usHave the kids line up from the biggest to the smallest. Sort or match animals buy sizeTake a walk and ask them to find things that are bigger or smaller then someth... Read More »

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APs: Do you have a hard time distinguishing between an "adoption issue" and "kid being a kid" issue?

Kazi, I totally relate to this. I so often am confused about whether something going on with my daughter (or heck, with me also!) is adoption related or just a "normal" kid stage. My daughter doesn... Read More »

Title 1 Parent Involvement Activity Ideas?

Title 1 schools are those schools with special federal funding, in which a large number of students come from economically poor families. These schools receive this special federal funding providin... Read More »

What is a good maths activity that is good fun for 6-8 year olds ?

flash cards,you get two teamsyou hold up a card with like2x3 on it and they have to call out the answerthe first person out of the pair to call it out gets the point for their team.i played it when... Read More »

What is the best digital camera setup for high quality macro photos of coins or other small items?

Answer... It depends on how good of picture quality you want. For highest quality I would get a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II DSLR Camera along with a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro Lens. If you can not g... Read More »