What is a good thing to do or a good place to go on a 13 year old girl b-day ?

Answer Hey! I am 13. :) So I think your having it come from someone who relates to her! I am in 8th grade (I swear I remember being in 1st grade.. its crazy how fast time goes by!) and I know how she f... Read More »

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Where is a good place for a girl to place a quote tattoo?

Get it in cursive and put it on your back upper right side, or along ur ribs although the ribs might hurt a bit more.Also I think your idea is a great

Where is a good place on a girl to get a tattoo?

First of all, avoid the small of the back! Where to put a tattoo really depends on whether or not you want it to be seen. If you want all to see, then put it on the topside of your breasts, usual... Read More »

What's a good place to take a girl on a first date in Oakland County, MI?

Jeremy Restaurant for authentic tastes of American and French cuisine is good choice for you. It is also suitable for your first date. I find it on which provides details of a res... Read More »

Is 122 a good IQ for a 13-year-old girl?

Answerhmmmm.. It seems to me that you are very bright and can make it in the real world.Age is irrelevant. IQ tests take age into account so that ideally your IQ test score should stay about the sa... Read More »