What is a good thigh measurement?

Answer This is one of the two standard measurements.It will start with your wrist measurement...Parts Formula--------------------------------------…Chest = Wrist x 6.5Hips =... Read More »

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Do thigh/knee socks look good on short, skinny girls?

Yessss! I personally think they are hott on women; either the all white or white w/color stripes at the top either to or a little above the knees - drive me wild :)

What are the causes of thigh pain?

The thigh bone or femur is the longest bone in the body. Surrounding the femur is a complex array of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, veins and arteries. Thigh pain can be caused by any number ... Read More »

What causes thigh pain?

Thigh pain causes vary from simple muscle cramps to serious conditions like Meralgia Paresthetica. Sometimes, the reasons for the problems have to do with the spine and/or any number of diseases. I... Read More »

What is ipsilateral thigh pain?

Ipsilateral thigh pain is a fairly vague term used to describe discomfort occurring in one thigh, but not the other. The word "ipsilateral" literally means "on the same side."LocationThe discomfort... Read More »