What are some good texting apps?

Answer Messageme(if you have instagram): instamessageLINE messengerHookt messengerWhatsapp and viber are great! best ones to should stick with them.

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How does texting to Japan differ from texting to people in your own country?

The texting address on almost all Japanese mobiles are actually an e-mail address. If you ask your friend for their address, you can text them from a PC e-mail to their phones.

Why have you replaced good game shows with that Agenda thing that is NOT a good game show and makes me go back to regular network programing?

What's a good phone for a 13 year old, who will love texting, and has a very athletic/busy life?

enV2VoyagerRumorRantXenonImpressionPropelVersaDareVuIncitei would suggest the env2 if u have verizon, the propel for at&t, and the Rumor for sprint.

What are the good effects of game shows?

If you are talking about the British version, it is Judith Keppel. Back in 2000, I believe.