How to Make an Acapella Techno Song?

Answer Techno is an awesome type of music and if you can't get enough, then get some friends together and start up a beat. The next thing you know, you'll be raving all day long.

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Slow Techno song, it's madness - na na na na na na?

Muse - Madness…

Does anybody know the name of this techno song?

The song at the beginning I cannot name, but I do know the style. It is trance music. It is a style of electronic music that is very atmospheric, melodic, and emotional.

What're some good techno artist and songs?

Derrick MayJuan AtkinsKevin SaundersonEddie FowlkesRichie HawtinCarl CraigJeff Mills

Who sang this this techno/dance/dubstep song?

My question to you:Do you happen to call ALL electronic music as "techno/dance/dubstep"? Not all electronic music is techno or dubstep, just to let you know.