What is a good team name for ROTC drill team?

Answer Well my drill team is called the blue lighting drill team because our mascot is a lighting bolt. Try to come up with something that will sound hot when u report in

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A good weight loss team name?

Blues LoseNo Fry ZoneThe Light Flight CrewCheck/Lose Your BaggageCoffee, Tea or BurpeeThat's all I've got.For now ;o)

Would it be impersonating a military officer if you have an airsoft team with uniforms that have a name tape that instead of saying US Army said the team name and use rank insignia?

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Can anyone name the old UK Game Show that featured a Oriental Madame as the host She would challenge a team of girls and a team of boys to rank various parts of the body by the command Get to work?

you have to have married parents and at least two siblings