How to Create a Name for a New Superhero?

Answer Ever since the golden age of comic books, people have been captivated by superheroes. The early days of comics brought us characters like Superman and Captain America. These heroes had fairly nonde... Read More »

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What middle name goes good with the first name 'Lucky'?

Diamond for a boy Ruby for a girlI would love to meet THAT kid :D

What is a good name for a coffee shop with the name Marissa?

What are superhero costumes and props?

The first comic book hero was Superman, who appeared in DC Comics in 1938. He was so popular that he led to an explosion of superheroes, including Spider-Man, Batman and Wonder Woman. These are th... Read More »

What is you favorite superhero movie?

FAVORITE SUPER HEROBatman - with one of the most recognizable rogues galleries in comics, cool gadgets, and a cave hideout, Batman also stands out as being the only major superhero to not have any ... Read More »