What is a good substitute toothpaste (UK) for the original Mentadent P?

Answer Wow, I'd forgotten all about Mentadent P, Jingles! I use Sensodyne when my railings are a bit sensitive. It's fairly mild - doesn't tear your head off like some excessively "minty fresh" brands! I ... Read More »

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Who makes Mentadent toothpaste?

Unilever manufactures Mentadent toothpaste, which comes comes in three varieties: Mentadent P, Mentadent Sensitive and Mentadent SR. Unilever operates offices in approximately 100 countries and als... Read More »

I`ve run out of tile grout do you think toothpaste is a good substitute?

What is a good toothpaste to buy?

Colgate with fresh stripes the gel in the little squeeze bottle

How is toothpaste actually good for?