How to Use Marjoram?

Answer Marjoram and oregano are closely related botanically but cooks know the flavor of Sweet Marjoram, Origanum marjorana, is different from that of oregano. Marjoram was once used as a meat preservativ... Read More »

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How to Grow Marjoram?

Marjoram (Origanum marjorana) was called the "herb of grace" by Shakespeare. It's a perennial herb originating from the Mediterranean; in colder climates, it's grown as an annual. Its aroma is simi... Read More »

What is sage the herb good for?

A turkey roasting in the oven, stuffed with sage, scents your house with memories of Thanksgiving. While useful in cooking, Salvia officinalis (Latin meaning "to save") is prized for its many benef... Read More »

What herb is good for a headache does anyone know thanks.?

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Cordyceps is this a good herb?

It is a great herb. Well, actually it is not a herb, it is a mushroom with significant healing properties. There are a bunch of scientific studies that suggest that it boost your immune system, i... Read More »