What is a good starter SLR camera?

Answer There is NO such thing as too much camera.They all work the same. You can use them just using their light meter and choose the correct aperture and shutter speed to create amazing photos. This is... Read More »

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Can any one recommend a good starter camera for serious phtography?

Canon and Nikon are top, followed by Leica and Ziess(optics).Many still use film, though you may find digital cheaper to run, post edit and crop yourself, then have your selected tweaked enlargment... Read More »

I'm looking for a good starter digital camera and i was wondering if i can get some suggestions. 100-200$?

get a sony cybershot brand or a nikon cool pix

What is the best department store to buy a good video camera, tripod, and starter kit?

The best thing for you to do is start by buying one or two magazines that have articles about video cameras, you could even go to your library and look up "consumers reports" in the reference secti... Read More »

Best video camera for filmmaking (Starter Camera)?

Any camcorder can capture useful video if the camcorder is used within its design parameters. The problem is that the camcorder manufacturers make it seem like their equipment works great under all... Read More »