How to Maintain Good Spiritual Health?

Answer To have good spiritual health, read the article below. Learn to Glorify God for all He will do and has done in your life. Avoid sabotaging your relationship with people and God by using faith in al... Read More »

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Spiritual Gifts vs. Spiritual Fruits?

Spiritual gifts are given to believers in Christ by the Holy Spirit. These gifts vary from person to person, but come from the same Spirit. Spiritual fruits, also called "fruits of the Spirit" are ... Read More »

If you masturbated and had a thought about your son masturbating and it turned you on but you do not want him sexually and hated the thought could it break up your marriage and should you worry?

No. That's incest big time. The thoughts of that you are having with your son is not a good thing for a mother . Consider the consequences of your actions.UPDATED ANSWER - No. it isn't incest. In m... Read More »

Wow, You look rough without makeup. I thought you said that you was good lookingWhy did'nt you tell me that?

OOOOPS. God, you looked so very handsome, fit and sexy in the dark and through the bottom of those glasses, but reality.......... eeeewwwwwww. What was I thinking? I will stop drinking from this mi... Read More »

Is there a movie that you first thought wouldn't be good but ended up liking it?

Bandits, My sister when she was alive loved Billy Bob Thornton. She drug me to see this. I laughed, it was funnyBQ: I really do not like Kevin Costner, But really liked him in The Untouchables.