What song do you use as a ring tone on your phone?

Answer I HAD THAT ONE!haha and it was like AYE AYE AYE AYE AYE huggin up the big monkey man LA LA LAahahaha.then i had you know i'm no good.and now i just have the sony ericsson ringtone LOL

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If you were a boxer, what song would you have being played when you began entering the ring?

alien sex fiend - boneshaker baby…

What is a good size for a training ring for horses?

Available space limits riding arena size. A larger riding arena allows for jumping, barrel racing and reining. A decent-sized horse arena is about 60 feet wide by 100 feet long.Source:Pet Place: Bu... Read More »

Why is ring around the rosey a childrens song/nursery rhyme?

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Looking for Toddler Christmas CD with the song RING THOSE BELLS?

I DOUBT YOU'LL FIND THOSE LYRICSSUGGESTIONJUST ACCOMPANY WITH MUSIC CD FOUND AT LINK BELOW(If the link doesn't work just check out Barnes and Nobel or type the address for the page into your browse... Read More »