What song do you listen to when your sad?

Answer hey when i'm sad i listen to the following songs as they help me get thru the bad times:the cars-driver.e.m-everybody hurtsroxette-it must've been loveeast 17-stay another dayevanescence-my immorta... Read More »

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What app tells you how often you listen to a song?

iTunes has a play count, but can't see when on your iPod/iphone

What song do listen to to get really fired up?

I have Multiple Ones:"Ladies & Gentlemen" - Saliva (Really Anything by Saliva)…"Your Disease" - Saliva…"Sound of ... Read More »

On your last day on earth, what song would you listen to?

Goodbye Cruel World - Pink Floyd…

What is ONE song u will recommend me to listen to at least once?