What is a good song to go along with a video showing factory animal cruelty?

Answer goldfinger open your eyes…also:skinny puppy's testurenofx-Franco Un-American

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Are Goats factory farmed Does eating Goat cheese support animal cruelty?

Congratulations on being an aware consumer :). I personally know a couple goat farmers here in Maine that provide very loving homes for their goats, as well as an organic farmer who treats his cow... Read More »

What is the cruelty of animal testing?

Many people are opposed to animal testing in research and cosmetics laboratories on the grounds that this type of testing is perceived as cruel. There are many reasons for associating animal testin... Read More »

Animal cruelty and vegetarian?

It may not seem like a single person can make much of a difference, but if everyone thought that way, nothing would ever change. Sure, one person can't make any difference on their own, but workin... Read More »

Educational Information on Animal Cruelty?

It is important to educate yourself and your family about animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is a crime in 31 states and should be reported. Animal cruelty is not always intentional. It can be a sign o... Read More »