What is a good snack to eat that doesn't make you fat even if you eat a lot of it?

Answer On a hike back to my... uh, where I live, I was munching on a zucchini, a bell pepper, and a carrot. Going round biting each one. Sometimes I have a yellow squash instead of a zucchini, a cucumbe... Read More »

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Why does my sister choose to hang out with my old friends that I dislike and she doesnt even care what i think?

be cause your old friends are trying to use her to get to you and your sister probably thinks that your just trying to be mean to her by finding an excuse to stop talking to them

How Do I make a good movie trailer that doesnt look like did it with a regular camera?

First thing is to create a second sound track, then when you edit it you can add it and remove the one taken by your camera. create a story board, put your video into pictures to tell the story. ev... Read More »

My computer doesnt recognize my camcorder, even after i installed the CD that came with it!?

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What is a good lotion that doesnt leave a greasy residue on your hands?