How to Prank at a Sleepover?

Answer Did your friends invite you to their sleepover? Looking to cause some mischief? Look no further, then! Please note that these require more than one vict- um, err... friend.

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How to Prank Your Best Friend at a Sleepover?

You have a sleepover with your mates or your best mate lets say. Perfect chance to give them some pranks of a life time! This article is give you some great advice on how to prank your mates/best m... Read More »

How to Play a Sleepover Prank?

This is a way to prank your friends at a sleepover.

Ok so i am having a sleepover in 3 weeks i am plang on a prank of shaving my friends heads while thay sleep?

not planning on keeping your friends then?

I need a good prank to prank my sister?

Fill about 20 or more paper cups up with water, place them next to each other on your victims desk. Then staple them all together, stand back and watch as he/she arrives at work and is clueeless ab... Read More »