What is a good savoury or sweet mix for rice please?

Answer An old recipe we have here in India called Wedding Rice has cashew nuts & raisins lighted roasted in butter sprinkled over the rice and lots of onions fried deep brown with a bit of salt at the sid... Read More »

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What savoury or sweet fillings can I put in my pancakes next week?

Keep to the classic sugar and lemon. Otherwise honey and walnuts... How about ham and cheese (a type that melts)?

Are chicken wings sweet or savoury food?

Sometimes I feel afraid for future generations.How can you not know this? They are savoury.

Glutinous-rice flour and mochiko sweet rice flour the same?

I believe they are. I use sweet rice flour in my Kimchi recipe and others stuff. Makes great dumplings. Here are a couple of web sites. Check this out. Read More »

How many calories in sweet rice?

Brown sweet rice has 180 calories per 1/4 cup.