What is you ring tone at the moment.?

Answer do you want to hear it?

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What song do you use as a ring tone on your phone?

I HAD THAT ONE!haha and it was like AYE AYE AYE AYE AYE huggin up the big monkey man LA LA LAahahaha.then i had you know i'm no good.and now i just have the sony ericsson ringtone LOL

What does your current ring-tone tell the world about you?

My ringtone is currently "Crush Crush Crush" by Paramore.What does it say about me? Probably that I enjoy angsty chick rock. Does that qualify *me* as angsty? Probably a bit, but we all have our lo... Read More »

Does anyone know what the name on the ring tone that the adults cant hears is?

Can you buy ring tone in the iPhone?

I'd say it would be around $5 an hour or maybe like $500 a month