What is a good remedy for carpet burn?

Answer staying off the carpet

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What is a good home remedy if you burn your skin while cutting chili peppers?

In order to explain this, I need to strike up a little chemistry chat. So brace yourself.Capsaicin is the active ingredient in pepper spray (which is nasty enough to be outlawed by the Hague Conven... Read More »

What will make a carpet burn stop stinging any good ideas?

Put on vaseline. It will soothe it and take away the sting. I have had them many times and this is the remedy for me.

Home Remedy to Clean Car Carpet?

Since most people don't take off their shoes when getting into a car, the carpet can get dirty very quickly. With all that dirt getting trapped in the fibers of your car's carpet and it being in an... Read More »

What's the remedy for Iron burn on fingers?

Cool (not cold) water is the best thing to relieve the burn. You can also use a gel (NOT lotion) with Aloe Vera to keep the area moist and reduce scarring (or if you have an Aloe Vera plant, just... Read More »