What is a good remedy for carpet burn?

Answer staying off the carpet

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What is a good home remedy if you burn your skin while cutting chili peppers?

In order to explain this, I need to strike up a little chemistry chat. So brace yourself.Capsaicin is the active ingredient in pepper spray (which is nasty enough to be outlawed by the Hague Conven... Read More »

What will make a carpet burn stop stinging any good ideas?

Put on vaseline. It will soothe it and take away the sting. I have had them many times and this is the remedy for me.

What is the remedy for exertion induced heart burn?

Exertion may trigger it, but it doesn't cause it.Heartburn is caused by dehydration.People think of the pancreas as the organ that produces insulin. While it does that, it also produces a bicarbona... Read More »

Home Remedy to Clean Car Carpet?

Since most people don't take off their shoes when getting into a car, the carpet can get dirty very quickly. With all that dirt getting trapped in the fibers of your car's carpet and it being in an... Read More »