What is a good red wine that I can easily find at a market?

Answer Wine brand availability is different in different places. Look for varietals (wine grape), it's better and easier than sticking to one brand. Check the bottle of your favorite wine for it's varieta... Read More »

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Is Italian wine that comes in a round bottle inside a basket good or bad wine?

I love Italian wine, especially Chianti. Some of my favorites come in a basket, called a fiasco, bottle.Opici and Mellini are very good. I haven't had the Bell'Agio in a long time, but I remember... Read More »

Will a completely algorithmic / black-box trading dominated market be more easily prone to massive loses?

I think this was true 10 years ago, and indeed it opened the door to market cascading as programs set in without human control or thought.At the same time, I think it was intentional human manipula... Read More »

Which is the most expensive INDIAN WINE (RED &WHITE) ,currently available in the retail market?

Revielo Chardonnay 2005 (Rs 645) is not only the most expensive Indian white wine, it is also probably the most interesting: this is a medium-bodied wine with an aroma of peach and pineapple, moder... Read More »