What is a good recipe to cook with hamburger meat and not hamburgers or tacos?

Answer Shepherds Pie1 onion chopped2 cloves garlic chopped1lb ground meat1 can carrot slices2 c. left over mashed potatoes or instant mashed potatoessalt peppermelted butterBrown meat with onion and garli... Read More »

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What recipe can i use to make good authentic Mexican tacos al pastor?

If you speak spanish I have tons of recipies of mexican food.Method : * Tacos al Pastor is perhaps the best taco you could ever try. The problem is that good tacos are hard to find the United St... Read More »

How do I cook camel meat Any recipe suggestion greatly appreciated!?

Hmmm...I had a "hunch" somebody might ask this sort of question tonight!Well...let's see now. I'm pretty sure the camel is a protected species in certain parts of Maine, southern Indiana, and Saska... Read More »

What cut of meat is best for grinding hamburger?

A beef chuck roast is the best cut to make burger. It has enough fat to meat ratio. You can grind up sirloin too if you prefer a leaner meat.

May I please have a good recipe for fried crab meat as served in chinese buffet restaurants?

Its called chiu (chili) yim (salt) style. You clean crab then cut into half. Flour lightly then deep fried the crab pieces. Saute chopped fresh chili in oil, add fried crab, add cooking rice wine, ... Read More »