What is a really good scary movie?

Answer Wolf Creek, though slightly gory, but very creepy, kind of based on an Australian true story.paranormal actvity 3, that one scared the cr*p out of me, ocne it got going, only the 3rd one though!... Read More »

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What are some really good scary m?

Jennifer's BodyFriday the 13th (1980)Wishmaster (1997)The Blob (1988)The Thing (1982)Alien (1979)Sorority Row (2009)PhantasmEvent Horizon (1997)Mimic (1997)The Relic (1997)The Faculty (1998)Hostel ... Read More »

What is a good scary movie for teenagers?

ok heres a good movie and its more suspense than terror or anything the new will smith movie I AM LEGEND, real suspence whats round the corner and there nothing. yknow.If ur looking dor just gore o... Read More »

What is a good scary movie to watch on Netflix?

What is a REALLY GOOD MOVIE in your opinion?

One flew over the cuckoos nestGreen Mile Hand that rocks the cradel Sixth SenseTootsie