What is a good reading on a peak flow meter?

Answer A good reading is a score higher than 80 percent of your best reading blown when your lungs are healthy. Individuals with a score of 80 percent or lower may be suffering an asthma attack or other r... Read More »

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How to Use a Peak Flow Meter?

A peak flow meter is used as a self management plan for asthma control. It is usually prescribed by your medical provider to help monitor your medical condition. The peak flow meter can also help d... Read More »

Who invented the peak flow meter?

Dr. Martin Wright, a British bioengineer, invented the peak flow meter in the late 1950s, according to the British Medical Journal. Peak flow meters measure lung performance in patients with respir... Read More »

Who made the peak flow meter?

The peak flow meter was created in 1956 by Dr. Martin Wright. The peak flow meter is a device used as the standard instrument in the assessment of asthma and bronchitis.Source:The Independent: Dr.... Read More »

What would someones peak flow meter be if they have COPD?

Hi , COPD in a 21 yr old is extremely rare and if your cant see COPD on the X ray then how could he diagnose it ? Most people are confirmed with having it after a CT scan . You have COPD and you... Read More »