What is a good question to ask Russell Howard?

Answer Ask him when he going to do some mature stand up jokes, rather than immature teeny bopper jokes

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Old Question, but good one. What are benefits of hemp?

The hemp plant has lots of uses, the oil, fibres used to make cloth and iof course the leaves;)I actually take hemp oil as part of my diet, it helps my poor old aching joints a lot;

What is a good question to put on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Love this quote! But it was in fact Jack Whithall on 8 Out Of 10 Cats S07E12. Probs the best episode with David Mitchell, Claudia Winkleman and Ken Livingston. Sorry to correct but I think that it ... Read More »

What are good question for a game show?

Jack Berry until his death in 1984 Jim Peck occasionally substituted for him and also for host Bill Cullen who replaced Jack Barry after his death

What logical movie question ruined a good film?

How did Andy Dufrense attach the poster back onto the hole in the wall?Andy Dufresne has apparently disappeared from his prison cell, until warden Norton tears a poster of Racquel Welch from the wa... Read More »