I have a good question about nursing when pregnant?

Answer I had to educate my post-partum nurse on this one!When I had #3 while #2 was still nursing and my nurse came in to do the official 'breastfeeding talk'. She stopped while explaining about the milk... Read More »

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A judge asked a good question in court about a wrongful adoption?

Its legalized kidnapping.What the heck is taking this judge so long to make his ruling.......does he/she need to experience having their own child kidnapped.Sounds like the Aps fighting to hold you... Read More »

Question about my finances. Using overage check to pay off auto loan a good idea?

So IF you went to your grandma and asked her for $5000 for college and she gives you the money from her IRA, then you turn around and use it to buy a car for peace of mind, then scrape to maybe pay... Read More »

Question about a dryer. Are there any good electritions out there?

It sounds more like an element to me than a sensor. Heat sensors shut the dryer down and it would not tumble. That has been my experience. It may be a thermostat as well, but that is doubtful.www.h... Read More »

I have asked a question about cancer. My next question is; is there life after death?