What is a good protein shake for woman trying to lose weight ?

Answer I use sun-warrior protein powder... i mix it with fruit or cocoa.. add some grounded up flax seed, ice, and almond milk. it's kinda expensive... about $65 for a large bag, but the bag lasts me a mo... Read More »

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Is this brand of Whey Protein Good for a woman to lose fat?

Ditto from the last guy. Protein powder should not be used for weight loss! You'll overload your kidneys with too much protein. 1-3 servings is fine but don't overdo it. Watch this informative vide... Read More »

Protein shake bad or good?

Protein shakes or smoothies are good for you!Try to incude healthy fruit too!Here are some great fruit smoothie recipes - remember adding oats is adding protein too! Read More »

How can I make a good protein shake?

You didn't say WHY you need a protein shake...however you can make a regular milk shake, two sccops of icecream (any flavor) and add 1 cup of milk, blend until smooth. For extra protein there are m... Read More »

Whats a good protein shake for doing Cardio?

Protein helps you to repair your muscles instead of actually being good in helping you to gain weight. This is because protein leaves behind a byproduct called nitrate when your body uses it as a f... Read More »