What is a good program to download music off of for free?

Answer There is no such thing as free music. A girl's parents three weeks ago had to pay 3000 and about 10,00 in legal fees for her free music.There is plenty of music out there, but it is not free if yo... Read More »

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What is the best free music download program?

limewire will not give you viruses unless you are an idiot and download files with trash cans next to them. only download songs with for stars next to them. no trash cans

Any program to download free music?

Please keep in mind that you can download/share only copyright-free (classical, nursery rhymes) music for free, unless the copyright owners allow free downloading/sharing of their material. ALL sit... Read More »

I need a music download program thats free and not limewire.?

I personally use Utorrent cos it´s open-source and it´s the smallest torrent program so it won't hog up your PC/system...but..1. Ares Galaxy2. Soulseek (best for finding rare music)3. WinMX4. Azu... Read More »

What's a good program to download music?

Youtube converter then you could look for a totorial on youtube to know how