What is a good professional camera for a beginning paparazzi?

Answer Bah. Some of these answers are downright ridiculous, like suggesting point and shoot cameras or brand-new expensive gear.Instead, look high and low for a used Nikon D2h SLR. This is an incredible... Read More »

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What is a good and cheap Professional Camera?

you can consider buying Nikon D3000 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera…Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera…Pentax K-... Read More »

What professional camera would be good for a first time owner?

Hi Reghan, and welcome to Yahoo!Answers: From reading your "debut" Question, it appears you are in the wrong Category. This is Camcorders, not Cameras. The dead giveaway are the two phrases "lense... Read More »

What is a good camera for shooting film that is inexpensive but professional quality?

you can consider Canon VIXIA HF S200 Flash Memory Camcorder * Records crisp high definition video directly to two removable SD memory cards * Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens * Canon 1/2.... Read More »

I would like to take some professional panoramic pictures so what is a good camera and lense?