What is a good price for a new and used iPad 2?

Answer Restart it by holding down the power button on the top until it shows the power down swipe. Swipe, and then press's the button again to restart.

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What is a good speaker setup for iPad as far as best sound for best price for iPad etc?

For the money around $60 better to get a killer pair of earbuds. Best

Does IPAD price reduces during thanks giving day. If so what would be the cost of IPAD (only WI-FI)?

If Apple does what they did last year on Black Friday (the day after thanksgiving), you could expect about a $40 discount on a basic iPad. You'd be better off buying a refurbished iPad from the App... Read More »

What are the price differences between iPad 1 and iPad 2?

1 is not being sold anymore (new) 2 is currently at $3993 is currently at $499

What is the iPad 2 Price?

its likely to start at 500 euro