How to Prank Someone Who Isn't Very Good at Typing?

Answer The way to prank someone who isn't very good at typing or needs to look at the keys to type.

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My younger sister has been annoying me for months I want to pull a prank on her but what?

How to Pull the Key Prank?

If you are a pulling prank kind of person this is the prank for you. This prank is kind of simple.

How to Pull an Altoids Prank?

Have you ever wanted to pull the perfect prank, but you wanted to do something very funny and easy to do? Well, do the Altoids Prank is Perfect. Just follow the steps below for a great prank.

How to Pull a Prank on Windows?

BSoD Kernel PanicOne of the most frustrating things to see as a computer user is the dreaded " Kernel Panic" or "Blue Screen Of Death" while working on something important. Some very inventive, and... Read More »