These 2 kids keep prank calling my house, what can I say to prank them back?

Answer Here is what I do when I get prank called. I use a cell phone directory service to look up the number, and find info about the caller.Some of these services are great. They give TONS of info about ... Read More »

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My younger sister has been annoying me for months I want to pull a prank on her but what?

How to Pull the Key Prank?

If you are a pulling prank kind of person this is the prank for you. This prank is kind of simple.

How to Pull a Fun Halloween Prank?

It's Halloween, so what better time to get back at that annoying sibling or taunting parents? Follow these steps to make a tasty treat for yourself, and a not-so-tasty one for them.

How to Pull a Scary Prank?

This prank is a very funny (for the pranker) and is sure to give you some fun, whether it's watching their faces, setting it up or posting a video of it on the Internet! Just remember that there mi... Read More »