What is a good prank to play on your 11 year old brother?

Answer Well since I am a 11 year old boy I don't really like the idea of someone pranking me but no one will anytime soon or I will get them back bad well anyways if you can get a hold of his hand while h... Read More »

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Good prank calls to annoying people that you hate?

Don't know of any, I'm mature enough to not prank people because that's just annoying, nor do I have the monstrosity to say that I hate people either, I have a little more respect than that.

Whats a good prank to play on my 14 year old older brother?

Tell his friends that he's had loads of wet dreams recently and talks in his sleep about someone in his year at school

What Are Some Good Classroom Group Guidance Games to Play?

Guidance activities can sometimes be a drag for students. When not planned or executed properly, students might see them as patronizing or boring. The key to a good classroom guidance game is to av... Read More »

When cooking something for a group of it a good idea to improvise..?

I would probably not do that, you wanna enjoy the evening rather than be worrying how the food is gonna turn out :)