How to Play a Funny Youtube Prank on Your Friend?

Answer This is a very fun prank to do on your friend. It works best if they believe in ghosts, and are a Michael Jackson fan. Both of you will be laughing at the end!

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What is a good prank to play on your 11 year old brother?

Well since I am a 11 year old boy I don't really like the idea of someone pranking me but no one will anytime soon or I will get them back bad well anyways if you can get a hold of his hand while h... Read More »

Whats a good prank to play on my 14 year old older brother?

Tell his friends that he's had loads of wet dreams recently and talks in his sleep about someone in his year at school

I need a good prank to prank my sister?

Fill about 20 or more paper cups up with water, place them next to each other on your victims desk. Then staple them all together, stand back and watch as he/she arrives at work and is clueeless ab... Read More »

How to Prank Your Best Friend at a Sleepover?

You have a sleepover with your mates or your best mate lets say. Perfect chance to give them some pranks of a life time! This article is give you some great advice on how to prank your mates/best m... Read More »