How to set up Signature on cell phone.?

Answer Try looking for the "Message Setup" menu. Once in there you should be able to insert a signature.Getting to that menu shouldnt be that hard.You should be able to get to it through your "Message Cen... Read More »

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How Do I Get a Signature on My LG VX8300 Phone?

When Verizon Wireless released it, the the now-obsolete LG-VX8300 flip phone was considered one of the more advanced offerings in the cellular carrier's lineup. The LG-VX8300 supports Bluetooth con... Read More »

How can you make a signature for I phone 4?

What is a some good, famous quotes that I could use for my Gmail signature?

There's this really good Einstein one that's something like: "Only two things are infinite; space and human stupidity. But I am not sure about the former."Also,"It was the dog! The dog!" Gary La... Read More »

How do you create a signature on your phone?