What Is a Good Percentage Rate of Return?

Answer The goal of investing is to get the maximum return with minimum risk in the shortest time. There are no absolute numbers that constitute a "good" or a "bad" rate of return -- the return should alwa... Read More »

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Do any one know what percentage to give a waiter or waitress for a good tip.?

U cheap fux need to stay your broke @sses at home and learn to cook. They are taxed on all reciepts they turn assuming they earn 15%. So if they turn in 1000 bucks worth of reciepts, Uncle Sam as... Read More »

What is a good rule, percentage wise, for saving money?

10% of income should be saved. should have cash emergency fund of 6 months living expenses.should be paying into 401k, reducing your taxable income now, saving for retirement and getting matching ... Read More »

Free driver scanners/repair similar to Driver Detective,Driver genius?

Save your money and just do a regular check of your hardware. Most software/hard ware you install will update automatically.

What are some good safe cars for a new teen driver?